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This is a list of YouTube that are associated with the electronics projects pages of this website. This includes everything from basic theory to advanced micro-controllers such as Arduino, Microchip PIC, Raspberry Pi, and a PC printer port. While the Arduino related form most of the collection they include how to connect and Arduino to say a printer port on a PC for electronic data acquisition and external control.

In most cases what works on one system can cross to another. The Linux related material can be used both with a PC or the Raspberry Pi which itself is a small Linux based computer. By staying with a high-level programming language such as Python the programs can be easily modified to work on each other - some need no modification at all.

Date: 7-11-2021

Arduino Stepper Motor Coil Winder.

YouTube: Grid-Leak Detector Low Voltage Vacuum Tube Radio.

Grid-Leak Detector Vacuum Tube Radio

YouTube: Arduino stepper motor coil winder.

YouTube: Arduino Stepper Motor Tutorial.

YouTube: PNP Darlington Stepper Motor Driver.

LM317 High Power Constant Current Source Circuit

YouTube: Adjustable LM317 High Powered Current Source

Both the Arduino and Microchip PIC18F2550 are programmed in a type of C while the PIC16F628 is programmed in assembly. PICAXE is programmed in a type of proprietary basic. Most of the micro-controller videos relate to Arduino which is the most popular.

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Printer Port, Linux, Python

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Basic Electronics

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Introduction to the Arduino Microcontroller
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