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Raspberry Pi-Slackware-Debian Install Viewnior Image Viewer

by Lewis Loflin

Update 2020. Viewnior is now in the Raspberry Pi repository. My versions here works to same.

Viewnior is a great lightweight image viewer for Linux based systems. I've used this on various Debian based systems and Slackware. I've chosen this for my Raspberry Pi project because it's fast and does what I need it to do. It is used in Crunchbang, SalixOS, SliTaz, ALTLinux, Zenwalk, Puppy Linux.

This can be downloaded from Viewnior Website and one can compile their own or one can download one of the pre-compiled packages from my website - use only the "armhf" package for Raspberry Pi.

If one uses their PC then the package has to be transferred to a directory on the Raspberry Pi. Open a terminal in that directory and do the following:

$ sudo dpkg -i viewnior_1.3-1_armhf.deb

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