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Arduino controller board with real time clock DS1307.

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by Lewis Loflin

This section is a group of projects based on the Arduino micro controller. It's very inexpensive and easy to learn using a type of 'C' language. Note that I've used the Arduino Mini and their Bare Bones Kit from Modern Devices Company. I'm very pleased with both. If one can't solder then please buy an assembled kit. All information presented in these projects is free for anyone to use and there is no warranty of any kind.

These projects are for those with a two year degree, the garage tinkerer, ham operator, or even a kid in vocational school. Note that on Ebay there are a number of starter kits for sale by a number of individuals. These would be very good for those starting out from scratch. One will also need a PC and USB cable and/or USB to RS232 adaptor.

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